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BMW Internet Community Attempts To Break World Record
ClubBimmer.com is Organizing BMW Owners to Break Caravan Record

October 10, 2007 ClubBimmer.com is proud to announce that it is going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most BMW automobiles in a single convoy. The date for the record breaking attempt will has not been finalized, but it should happen sometime in April 2008.  Read more here.


AcuraForum.com; The Meeting Place for Acura Owners and Enthusiast to Exchange Information.

Internet Community Partners (ICP) is proud to announce that it has launched a new site geared towards Acura owners and enthusiast; AcuraForum.com. The managers of ICP have a long history of interest in Acura automobiles and wanted to share this enthusiasm by creating Acura Forum; a free Internet community that allows fellow Acura lovers to share ideas, buy and sell parts, buy and sell used Acura's, and plan car shows and club events. Read more here.


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